Warchamp's Name Color Bot

I made this bot for a server I'm in because I felt like it.

There are lots of other bots that already do this.

You can use mine if you like.

Info / Guide / Questions

What does this bot do?

This Discord bot lets your server members set their name color to be whatever color they'd like using a chat command.

A new role is created in your server for the specified name color and given to the person using the command. It will reuse roles if multiple members want the same color.

How do I use this?

Type /color in chat followed by a color hexcode.

Ex. /color 0777FF or /color #EE2222

Why should I use your bot instead of another one?

You're already on this page. Might as well.

I have a feature request or idea

I really don't want this bot to turn into a super complex project but I'd still love to hear it. Feel free to reach out on Twitter or join my Discord.